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{Being in partnership with FAST Pipelining has been nothing but good for my business. Rick has assisted me at drumming up more business outside my city limits than me hiring a telemarketer to help build my book of business. I have been teaming up with Rick for the past 6 years and I am grateful to have been referred to him by one of his CIPP liner installer partners. Thank you for your dedication in helping me build my business, and teaching me how to successfully install CIPP liners, and getting the job right the first time!
John Compton
Elite Pipelining, Michigan
{I was impressed with Rick's knowledge of the CIPP restoration and learned a lot from him.  I have known Rick for 20 years and it's been 15 years since my partnership with Rick and Company. In the early days of the CIPP Restorations, when I had issues with my lining installation, Rick was the first to assist me with ideas and suggestions to successfully complete my lining projects. There were instances when I was in a bind and called Rick for help, he would immediately send the first available crew to my work site to assist me. Not only Rick is a good businessman, but he is a reliable and trustworthy person. As for his employees, they have come thru and helped me out many times over. Thank you, guys!
Kelly Mc Cann
Mc Cann's Underground, Oregon, Wisconsin
{I have no doubts that Rick and his crew are reliable at their job at CIPP liner installation. As a City Engineer at the City of Marseilles, Rick has demonstrated extreme professionalism and very knowledgeable on the various techniques of CIPP liner installation
Mike Etscheid
City Engineer
City of Marseilles, Illinois
{For a few years now the FAST Pipelining company has been commended many times by me for their promptness and on-time completion on the CIPP liner installation projects here at the City of Ottawa.
Gary Scott
Public Works Director
City of Ottawa, Illinois
{I've been a loyal customer and in a business partnership with Rick for the past 8 years. They offer quality products and excellent support. All equipment for CIPP liner installation that I have purchased from CIPP Services is far superior to anything else on the market and economically priced for a small business like mine.
Richard Lawrence
Leak Eliminators, Kentucky
{I got my liner certification from FAST Pipelining. The training that I received was fist hand on-the-job training. I was treated like a crew member but was asked only to observe. I was able to ask questions and answered my questions with the demonstration that I have applied since then on all my CIPP lining projects. Thank you for being instrumental at my all success since my professional training at FAST Pipelining Liner installer training
Ben Quintana
Rod Rodder, Puerto Rico
{As a City Engineer, annually we plan out our city's pipe restoration. I have known Rick for over 15 years, he has always been reliable contact for our city's pipe restoration. FAST Pipelining crew is to be commended as they have put public safety first during any of their lining projects with the City of LaSalle.
Brian Brown
City Engineer
City of LaSalle, Illinois
{After researching Pipevision Inc. on the web, about 2 years ago, I decided to give them a call about my CIPP liner project. His staff were very courteous and directed me to Justin, their experienced CIPP liner consultant. Right after I discussed my project with Justin, he hooked me up with Russ who guided me with the Inversion Equipment available for rental or purchase that was right for the large diameter project. I got a follow-up call from Rick Fast, the owner who further assisted me with suggestions on the types of liner and resins I should consider. Right there and then, I knew this was a company that cared and was dedicated to their profession.
Matt Reeve
TranState, North Carolina
{After 10 years of installing FAST Pipeliner products, it still amazes me how easy it is to install their liners, and not forgetting the equipment provided by CIPP services on a rental that I could not afford when I first started my business.
Frank Klima
Lake County Sewer, Ohio
{"I have been working with Rick and his Companies for the past 14 years.  There is not one single CIPP lining project that Rick has not helped me out with.  If his Companies are unable to assist us, he will have his other Certified Contractors assist.  I have been a steady customer with CIPP Services and Robotics for all equipment purchases for my business.  In short, when it comes to Pipevision Products, FAST Pipe Lining, CIPP Services, and Robotics, they are knowledgeable and reliable, rest assured help is on the way, irrespective!"
Robert Giancroce
Mr. Flush, North Carolina
"The customer experience is the next competitive battleground." Jerry Gregoire

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