Steam Curing CIPP Liner Installation Process

Steam Cure Liner Installation Process has become commonplace for installing 6" to 15" diameter CIPP liners. Steam is used in conjunction with pressurized air that inflates the liner against the host pipe and distributes the steam from one end of the liner to another. When using a steam cure, the liner can be positioned within the hose pipe by the water inversion method or with the use of an air inverter (shooter). If the winch in-place method is used, a double-coated liner is required.

Test Samples
As part of the wet-out process, sample material from CIPP liners is used to prepare flat plate test samples. Samples are compressed between two pieces of metal to the specified thickness then wrapped in polyurethane. Test samples are shipped with the related CIPP liner to the installation site where the sample is cured as part of the liner installation process. To cure flat plate samples, samples can be submersed in the inversion water column or placed with the CIPP liner for steam curing. For hoop test samples, Fast Pipe Liner can ship pre-cut plastic pipe sections for sample making at the time of installation, a time-saving process for installation crews.

Steam Cure Inversion Method

Once the liner is in position, steam cans are tightly bound to each end of the liner. At one end, a steam hose is connected from a steam generation source that also combines the pressurized air. At the other end of the liner, the steam can is connected to a steam station (referred to as the B station) and then to a steam discharge muffler. The B Station is used to control the air pressure within the liner during the curing process. A steam discharge muffler is used to dampen the noise created from the discharge of high-pressure air & safely disperse steam condensate.

Steam allows for faster heat transfer from the heat source to the liner but still has some limitations. Steam is not recommended for existing pipes with bellies or inverted siphons.

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