Lateral Reinstatement

Lateral Reinstatement is done on any CIPP lining project that involves lateral or service connections, this adds an extra set of challenges to the project. When a CIPP liner is installed, lateral connections are covered by the CIPP liner with normal drainage service not available for use by residences or business. A liner Installation causes a temporary minor inconvenience, but far less troublesome than a dig & replace excavation project. All residents & businesses are notified several times in advance of a CIPP liner installation to minimize problems. Special arrangements can be made to help ease burdens to businesses wherever possible, such as off-hours installations or even individual separate bypass systems.


Pipevision Products operates a full range of robotic cutters, integrated for use with CCTV vans. Each installation crew has one CCTV inspection truck that is equipped with two robotic cutters with a supply of spare parts for field repairs if necessary. Pipevision Products CCTV trucks are equipped with two pan & tilt color cameras, a winch system, a computer with video recording capability and numerous spare parts.

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Robotic Cutters

A robotic high-speed cutter is used in conjunction with a CCTV truck to cut hoes in the CIPP liner at every connection. Due to the design of the cutter system and limited access to the pipe, only one cutter can access the liner at one time. If there are a large number of lateral connections, the reinstatement process can require more time than the installation of the CIPP liner. The number of lateral connections within each line segment is a major factor in determining the length of an individual liner installation shot. 


Using the CCTV camera & previously documented footage measurements, the robotic cutter is positioned at every lateral connection. In most cases, the lateral connection can be easily identified by a dimple or bulge formed at the opening of the lateral connection. Each lateral is quickly opened with a rough cut using a router bit to restore lateral service. After all, laterals have been opened, a finish brushing is performed using a wire wheel mounted on the cutter. Brushing opens the liner to the full diameter without the potential to damage the hard material of the lateral, allowing the lateral reinstatement process begins to restore service to all lateral connections.


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Lateral Reinstatement Tools

NOTE: All pictures, videos, designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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